Class of '62
Yuki's, Richard's and Sten's private reunions
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1992 in McLean 2001 in Denmark

Last Will and Testament of Class of '62
McLean Highschool, VA

We, the Senior Class of 1962, being substantially sound body, do hereby bequeath this our Last Will and Testament:

A B C D F G H J K L M N O P Q R S T V W Y Z Misc.


Sally Anderson
leaves the natural curl in her hair to her sister adnt eh color to Mrs. Ames.

Donald Arrington
leaves Beth his red hair. Alice his old Showboat costume, Mike his amazing talent, John his huge following, and Mark, Mr. Barrow.
Gene Ault
leaves some hair and muscles to Mr. Miller and 59 feet of rubber on the teachers' parking lot for Mr. Clark to scrape off with his putty knife.
Diane Avery
leaves a peach sandwich to Mike Norris, a bottle of Miltown to Uncle Harry,and a "Hundred Percenter" and 86 beans to Frisco.


Ann Ball
bequeaths to her brother Frank one year of Mr. Feick, and to Mr. Feick she bequeaths one year of luck.
Elaine Bannerman
leaves her shining abilities in French III class to Linda Orrison and Janet Milloy and leaves L.T.'s whistle-string full of knots.
John Bayne
leaves his singing talents of Heidi bread songs to Seve Luxford and Byron Trapnell and all the girls to Dave Sollenberger.
John Bayne
leaves his boisterous and unsurpassed wild man laugh to Mr. Miller and next year's baseball team.
Robert Beets
leaves his mighty brain to Gen. Rumbough for an extensive study in such an undeveloped area. He also leaves the Fairfax police baffled.
Bettie Ann Berdine
leaves to Francois a slightly used Treble Clef, to Lex her Les Brwon autograph, and to Amyshe leaves Psalm 91:9-12.
Randy Beiber
leaves his superior ability on physics experiments to anyone with the nerve to try using it. He leaves his never failing car to a certain secret society.
Karl Bierach
leaves his worn Latin II book and Rah Rah Boys sweatshirt to anyone who wants them.
Bobbi Bishop
bequeaths to her brother Jum her "unrelated thoughts" recorded during the lectures of two famous English teachers.
Nancy Bishop
leaves all the machines, parties and funin Mr. Coppage's (third period) VOT class to her sister Becky and here's hoping his next year's class doesn't "get his ucler."
Edith Blumenthal,
being of not so sane mind, leaves her ----- keys and bad ----habit to Gne and the other keys to Nancy. (She assumes G.J. will accept them and even add improvements of his own.)
Sharon Boyle
leaves Barbie Howard and Linda Leypoldt her athletic abililties, Diane Hinkle her typing abilities and Suzi Leedy her typing eraser.
David Brewster
leaves his beret to John Hill and his trombone to the Band department.
Glenn Brodie
leaves all his high jumping skills to one Mr. George Yount. Good luck, Boy!
Glenn Brodie
leaves all his acorns and his great succes with the women to Bobby Leigh. "I think he can adequately take my place."
Nancy Brown
leaves with both her pens (to Mrs. Carter's deep regret) with $100 extra dollars in the bank and to Ruth Sallenger her secrets of succesful embezzling.
Carol Brown
leaves Mr. Maranian to Suzi Hill. To Steve Osborn, or any other nut, she leaves the job of Stage Manager! Lots of Luck, Fella!!!
James Bryant
leaves his ability to sober op to Billy Hutton and Robbie French and his leg to Doug Evans.
Brent Bullard
bequeaths all the Senior Privileges (no matter how good they are!) to the lucky senior class of '63 . . . Have fun with them.
Mary Burkhardt
leaves to Donna Gendron and Dee Dee Seeley with all good intention the future softball team first base - home plate in hops for at 10-0 season.
Jody burnett
leaves her sister, Susie Burnet, two more years of waiting for the TV and "Coke" machine in the Senior Lounge.
Bob Burrows
leaves all his football injuries to any brave varsity football player. Good Luck (Chubby) Clint Propst!


Marcia Caldwell
leaves her appendix to a prospective biology major.
Carol Cardwell
leaves the lady Fairfax Federation and its followers to Mary Ann Myron and her ability to be late to any inferior superlative that wants it.
Dabney Carr
leaves her ability to play hopschotch to her sister Linda.
Patty Chamblin
leaves to peggy Smith, gay Flook and Saundra Rores her pleasent disposition in Madrigals; and to Barbara Rhinertston her ability to sew up boys' bermudas.
Anne Claqett
bequeaths her temper, her French book and Mr. Vienneay to Gray Carlson.
Chuck Clark
leaves his good luck with cars to Billy Hutton, Robbie French and Doug Evans.
Mike Clarke
leaves all his downed stop signs to his good friend Officer Peters.
Hugh Clarkson
leaves the job of senior class representative in Mrs. Drell's homeroom to anybody who is brave enough to take it.
Linda Cornett
leaves her brother Bobby to all the teachers and girls of the future years of McLean High School.
David Cowan
leaves the ability to get caught holding hands in the halls to any boy and girl who wants it. Good Luck.
Dana Crawford
leaves Thursday to Donna Gendron and whomever she chooses, and to Dee Dee Seeley she leaves Carol Pratt at third base.
Alan Creutz
leaves oryzaephilus suinamensis to James Steakley.
Tom Crickmer
leaves a lilting song to the P.A. system, "skill" to the blood brothers "Tang" to Noassk, and "Hig, Mr. Anderson, you dittybag, you!"
Jim Cunninham
leaves Mrs. Hebblethwaite to the junior RRb's and his senior "activities" he forbids his brother to duplicate.


Tom Dabney
leaves all the SAND to Pat McNulty and the Dabney twins.
Roxanne DeMember
leaves to her sister Denise her typewriter and all her five-minute timings.
Bill Detty
leaves the wiffle ball championship and forged love letters to Mr. Miller.
Bill Detty
leaves all of his women to Larry and Charlie and Dabney.
Diane Dillon
leaves Mr. Feick a dictionary and Mrs. Lerg a pair of stilts so she can play volleyball with her next senior class.
Ernie "Lightfinger" Driscoll,
who leaves nothing which insn't bolted down, also leaves his "Lucky hat", "Lucky pipe", "Lucky left gym shoe" and all his bad luck to Carolyn.


Pam Fincher
leaves to Paulette Bowling all the complaining that's to be done on Bus #23.
Sue Foreman
bequeaths to Junith Smitherman a position on the HIGHLANDER staff when she becomes of age.
Cathy Franklin
leaves a Sophisti-Six membership to Peggy Smith, a slightly used "99-click" joke to Jim Bunting and a "Percolater" laugh to Pat Jones.


Denise Galant
leaves Sally Searcy her Honor Society Pins in case the originals wear out.
Jim Galegos
bequeaths those wet, cold and icy mornings walking to school to Di Wood and all those neat cast parties to the new Drama Department.
"Pierre" Gendron
leaves his reserved table at max's to K.C., his church key to Porky and his Zorro hat to anybody who wants it.
Bill Gernert
leaves his fabled tact to Bob Cooter, his relative invulnerability to Marc Durand and his little black book to the SCA Historian
Pam Gray
bequeaths to her brother all her used "beat" signs for further use next year.


Jack Harkins
leaves to Mr. Vergason's daughter his mouseketeer ears and to Cmdr. Fey his "Blue Slips."
Pamela Harris
leaves to Diana Allred a new musical scale and to Paulette Bowling a picture frame.
Clyde Lawrence Harvey III
leaves his luck, his ability with girls and his ability to put off and also procrastinate to Larry Ramsey.
Bill Hazleton
leaves his yearbook job to Uncle Harry and his "last" job to Pat McNaulty.
Virginia Hearn
leaves a pile of exchange papers to Susan Williams in hopes that she will get the read on time.
Skip Heiney
leaves his superior guitar playing to Joe M. and Ty Dodge and his outstanding Spanish to William Henry.
Virginia Henderson
leaves James Hall the right to take care of little Jimmy; to Eric Pittard the right to shake hands with all junior girls.
David Hicks
leaves his ability to scream to White McClanahan. Ohhh!!! He also leaves his driving skill to Diana Whitley.
Fred HOffman
leaves his "toasting" ability and flaming red sweater to Robbie French and Bill Hutton.
Erik Hougland
leaves his siblings to CBA, AC and the rest of the alphabet.
Darlene Howes
leaves lavender paint to Pam Armstron, a pad of tardy passes to Steve Teel and Terry Grefe and eye-glass cleaner to Joe Ferraissi.
Danny Hummer
leaves his great athletic ability to Steve Sawmelle.
Don Hursh
bequeaths nothing to no one because he has nothing for anyone, except piles of money, and who gives away money? Life sure is rough.
Penny Hurt
leaves Nancy Fey some gray spray and Pony o'neil the memory of an unforgettable night.


Blaine Jesse
leaves Neil Featherston all his furtrading business with the wrestling team.
Rebecca L. Jones
leaves her share of the radiator to Helen Heins and one fried-neutrino comittee to Lucy Lynch.
Bill Jordan
leaves his sweaters to his Cousin Joyce and his ability to turn a phrase to Mr. Dowell.


Judy Carr
wills five days to all the non-intelligents in MHS who think they are smart enough to get away with skipping.
Sharon Katen
leaves "Petie" the chance to finally enjoy herself.
Martha Kendall
leaves her refurbished make-up to her sister Maggie to bury properly in the hope that Bill Gernert will let i rest in peace.


Jodi LaJaunie
leaves, in the Senior Lounge,her souvenir of New York as a fond reminder of the fun to be had on senior government trips.
Cindy Lawson
leaves her cowboy boots to Mr. Morton, Oecean City sweatshirt to Mrs. Stiltz and The complete Carl Sandburg to Mr. Dowell.
Andy Lierurance
leaves to join The Crew. Lumpy, Big "O", Chief, Big "S", Long John, Ballou, and Big "A". He leaves Mr. Anderson to his Square Roots.
Larry Lineweaver
hereby leaves 3,584 board feet of karatied lumber to Mr. Oscar Baughan.
Beau Lockhart
leaves everything except Sandy to alle the apprentice CENSORED.
Bud Long
leaves the senior class deficit to the class of '63, all future flagpole climbing to Bob Loehne and the fraternity to Mrs. Carter.
Linda Lowry
leaves her hopscotch and ouija board to Steve Johnson.


Morrie Mabitt
leaves nothing; he takes everything with him.
Carol Mancuso
leaves her Dear Abby counsel to Mike Renfro and her pencil to Eric Pittard to sharpen.
Beverly Martin
hereby leaves her well-known "hall-roaming" to Laura Risinger and her over-crowded locker to Lois Tahler.
Richard McCarthy
leaves his three days suspension from school to Mr. Spangler, his plane geometry teacher. He also leaves his McDonald's hamburger to Mr. Lyons.
Sunny McCulley,
being of unsound mind and body, does hereby bequeath her position in the Sophisti-Six to Pat Finn.
Rocky McCutcheon
leaves his senior "activities", Rah Rah Boys, baseball games and place at the lunch table to "Knothead" Evans and K.C.
Richard McLellon
leaves what's left of his knowledge of the game of chess to MelissaReed and Go set, misconstrued as Chinese Chess, to Darlene Howes.
John Meshkoff
doth bequeath all of his "slightly used" flashlamps and his photograhic skill to aspiring photojournalists.
Chris Miller
leaves her membership in the swinging Sophisti-Six to Suzi Leedy. She also leaves her ability to get work in on time to Larry Phillips.
Yuki Mizote
leaves the person who inherits her locker a pair of strong kicking shoes and lot of patience. Tony Newkirk and David Stephenson her free lunch and the next AFS students the magic power to use crazy slang neatly. (correctly??)


Marie Nagley
leaves all herfun in Mr. Vergason's English(?) class to her sister Peggy in the hopes that she has him next year.
Frank Norris
leaves the summer to Andy L., Diane Avery to Bill Gernert (ho ho!) and Prince Charming to Cathy Franklin and Chris Miller.
Sally Nye
leaves the cloudy room to all upcoming senior girls who have the guts to be a gym assistant.


Robert Russel Domenic Osterhoudt
bestows his nickname "eagle beak", his broken glasses and his good study habits to his always studying brother Bill.


Sandra Palmer
leaves allher old shorthand notes to Barbara Cowan and Kay Slokum and best of all she leaves McLean.
Suzanne Pates
leaves all the fun and hard work (?) she had during her senior year to any member of the rising senior class.
Peggy Pearce
leaves a warning to all potential chemistry students that sulfuric acit is not meant to be boiled and all her one-weekend term papers stupid enough to procrastinate as she did.
Anne Perpich
wills all her old notes to her sister Jeannie with the conditions that she can first find them and second read them.
Virginia Plott
leaves her tears to all future HIGHLANDER staffs.
Sten Poulsen
leaves all bad negatives to rising senior and photographer Mike Dodd and to next year's exchange student: Good Luck!


Jim Quinn
leaves to White McClanahan his title of "McLeans Champion Street Fighter."


Pam Ralston
leaves to Nancy Fey her bad grade in Chemistry and to Barbara Mullally her knack of misjudging a fly ball.
Mike Rexroad,
who might not leave, leaves the gossip to the Jobie's, his newspaper
Craig Rice
hereby leaves his superb acting ability to Mark and Mike and his golden vocal Chords to Joe and Ty, may they use them well.
Sue Rigsby
wills $2 to her sister Mary to buy a belt.
Richard Ristow
leaves his spare brownie points to any junior who can match his technique for acquiring them.
Bob Rogers
leaves one slightly worn recording bass to Ronnie Collins and one weakness for offerering girls rides to any boy who doesn't watch out.
Becky Roper
leaves her advice to Mr. Rose, her term papers to Mr. Day, her red hair to Mrs. Ames and half-a-million problems to the junior class. (She takes the other half-a-million to college with her.
Carol Rosenhoch
leaves to Nancy "MIssissippi" Dawson her deck of cards and pair of dice and hopes she has fun in study hall next year.
Patty Rush
leaves her understandig of geometry to Jeanne Leonhard. K.K: in good hands, Metrecal to Ann Johnson and her sneaky ways to Diane Hinkle.


John Saliba
leaves his "bad attitude" to Mrs. Wright, his .500 average and three packs of Beech Nut to Steve Luxford.
Barry Scarborough
leaves his snakes to Bill Hutton and Robbie French.
Kerry Schmidt
leaves anything he hasn't been caught for yet and any more keys left around to Mr. Stymie.
Charlie Seawell
leaves all cutting phrases used this year to "Mr. Ed" that he may enjoy next year butchering his students.
Barbara Sheeks
leaves Binny Sandahl all her pointed toe shoes in the hope that she can use them.
Don Shipman
leaves his motorcycle to the track coaches and his ability to skip once a week and not get caught to Clint O'Connor.
Donna Simpson
leaves some slightly wrinkled typing paper to Laura to remember the "fun" they shared in typing together. To Alice - a picture of Elvis.
Donna Sims
leaves to Catherine Stoeburner the gang's water pistols, one cut cart and of course Mr. French. Good luck next year!
Patsy Slichter
leaves to Bonnie Jones her ability to get along with steady boyefriends, to Mr. Davis $1,000,000.00 in stock and to Mr. Vergason the tulip water.
Kiki Smellow
leaves Shaxper to the English Department and her whistle to the Girls' P.E. Department.
Bom Smith
leaves Terry Grefe his "slim jims" and Dave Sollenberger his chewing tobacco and he leaves Dave Bayne and Susan Edwards.
Mike Smull
leaves his medical practice to any aspiring junior physicians.
Sue Squires
leaves to the Secretary of the A Capella a strong arm to slam the door when the bell rings.
Doug Steakley
leaves his talent as a "jinx" to Mr. Steimy, Bullwinkle, and Hutton.
Al Steece
leaves a badly-mangled, broken, fractured, sprained, no-good, worthless left knee to his third period lunch buddies.


Kathy Thornett
leaves a bushel of appels to a worthy junior who get Mrs. Puffenberger for English next year.


Elizabeth Van Dyke
leaves George Marshall High School to her brothers, Peter and Joe.
Carol Vogel
leaves Mr. Morton to the next student director, Heaven help him; and the "Heap" to Paul.


Laurence Wadleigh
leaves a second guest.
Betsy Wadsworth
leaves the pleasent task of guarding the lunch lines to the rising senior class.
Jill Wadsworth
gives all the tennis balls she's lost to all rising seniors in the hope that they don't follow in her footsteps.
Connie Waldo
leaves all her unexcused absences to the rising senior class.
Mike Walker
leaves all the fuzz in the bottom of his numberless locker to his brother, Phil.
Bob Walker
leaves the "manmaker" to Bill Harris and Glenn Bullard to bring in som day, he hopes.
Velda Warner
leaves "George" to the gym office, and leaves the Art Department to anybody who wants it.
Kathie White
leaves to Molly Spooner all the "organized?!" FNS noteboks, letters, phamlets and fan mail in hopes that she may do well.
Freddie Wilkins
leaves to any lucky junior, his locker #1339 and as a special bonus everything that's in it. Including the living and dead and shrunken heads.
Sandra Dale Williams
leaves her ability to play badminton to Steve Clagett, her tardiness excuses to Chuck Wright and her Spanish to Jose Jiminez.
Mike Williamson
leaves one slightly mangled finger to Mrs. Jensen, his left eye to Steve Rust, third period lunch to Lynn Bayliss and Mr. Weisiger alone.
Betsy Wright
leaves her flannel madras circle pin to the remaining members of the Marvin Club, Susan, Sally and Kay.


Joie Young
leaves to Sue Petersen and Suzi Leedy her great abililty and enthusiasm in competitive swimming.
Sharon Yount
leaves her ability to stay out of trouble to Dana and the clinic nurse to Janet.


Cliffort Zea
does bequeath to all the underclassmen of McLean his secret map showing how to get to McDonald's during lunch without being caught.
Joe Zehner
leaves his Rah Rah hat and sweatshirt to Mr. Mac Rutherford. May he put it to good use.


A Real Red
leaves Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he, Donald?
Brian Adams
passes the mile relay baton to Pete Bochenek.
Pete Bochenek
passe the mile relay baton to Bill Hazleton.
Bill Hazleton
passes the mile relay baton to Terry McIntyre.
Terry McIntyre
drops the batonand queers the whole thing.
I, Kathy Jones,
do will . . . no, on second thoughts, I guess I won't.
Bill Gernert, Bill Hazleton and Bill Jordan
leave - at 15 miles per hour (after all, it's the law! So long Mr. Anderson).
Col. Kerby's
all male seventh period solid geometry class wills their knowledge of Col Kerby's secretary to all future stag solid classes.
Dee McKay and Pam Patton
leave with feeling: Dartmouth College the Marines, World War II, the Korean War, Adult Education, Boston and Newton, and all the "needless to say's", needless to say, all future Barrowists. (Sorry we couldn't get it all in there "Doc"!).
Eileen Bullock and Betsy Wright
leave with Iviness!!
Hanlon and Colby
leave Featherston, Lawson and Sidney the meal B.C. "To Featherston, we leave a Renauult so he can give his Chevrolet to Yuki."
I Lynn Swindler,
of sound mind . . .
Jean Brocklehurst and Jill Blackburn
leave the memory of the two most talkative seniors to Mrs. Hanchette's French class and two unused typewriters and ribbons to Mrs. Gootee.
John Salib, Lee Shults, and Pat Buckley
leave Mr. Anderson's next year's math classes 1001 "You're mocking me's" and one "dittybag". Hig! Mr. Anderson.
Liz Chickering and Karen McPherson
leave their tremendous height to all the short girls at McLean.
Mayr Colbert and Richard Henninger
leave their stoned and sin-seared parkeets to the Mendel Honor Biology Society and their reserved books to Glynn James.
Michele, Mimi, Eilee, Betsy, and Sally
leave "lunch in the cafeteria" to Mr. Abell and Mr. M. Rutherford.
Penny Nye and Kathie White
leave the Poster Platoon to next year's senior girls.
Sandy Carrouth and Margie Harling
leve their five telephones and old boyfriends to Brenda Carrouth and old pencils to Tommy Thomson.
Sixth Period Senior Gym
leaves Mr. Miller the undisputed title of CENSORED.
The Bobbsey Twins
leave "togethernes" to Kay and Sally
The Gand Maul
leaves a wish - that all teachers who drive Porsches smother in the book that they make their students buy.
Tom Duston and Ralp Fuller
leave Mr. Maranian alone (finally).
We Richard Leonhard, Kris O'Connor, John Grier, Joe Connor, Pat Buckley, HerbMoore and Bill Boyd
leave the Sammy Strongarm Production . Bellyskimming - to Mr. Miller.
We, the undersigned Kathy, Mix, Leslie Moberg, Linda Lowry, Carol White, Jane McKenny, Sara Starnes adn Beth Richardson
leave to the rising senior girls a certain telephone number and directions for its use. You'll be amazed at the results.
Yuki and Sten
leave the question "How do you like McLean?" to next near's exchange students.
Denne oversigt er sidst opdateret d. Opdateret d. 2-9-02